Wednesday May 31, 2023

Tip for Those Who Hire Freelance Writers


Hey everyone! Today, I have a tip for those who hire freelance writers. That tip is this: freelance writers can’t read your mind. If there’s something specific you want highlighted in your blog or in your web page content, you need to ensure that your freelance writer knows.

This is equally true during the editing process. Many freelance writers will provide a round or two of edits for no additional charge. This is because we want our clients to be happy and to consider us for future work. However,

When you read what’s sent to you and you want something changed, your freelance writer needs a comment that’s more than, “This isn’t what we do,” “This isn’t true,” or a similar piece of feedback.


Well, because it doesn’t tell us anything. If you’re seeing something that doesn’t truly represent what you do or that isn’t true of YOUR business, you need to tell us what it is that you want to see.

Often, when a freelance writer is hired, a client has no real idea of what they want to see on their site or blog. They just know they need content. It isn’t until they see a draft from their writer that they know if that’s what they want or if they’re inspired to now know what they want to see.

Yet, again, freelance writers aren’t mind readers. If clients don’t tell us in the beginning¬†or during the editing process what they want to see (and tell us in detail), we can’t give you what you want.

Yes, it really is that simple.

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