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The Day I Knew I Had to Start a Work from Home Business

I think that most of us have this moment where we just know we have to start a work from home business. I think that, sure, some people are more entrepreneurial minded than others. To some degree, I am. I was always fairly happy in jobs that allowed me to work independently (I work fine on a team, but I don’t like being micro-managed and I don’t like having to babysit other people although I don’t mind answering questions, training people, or helping people…hell, I taught college and loved that). After two or three years though, I generally felt restless in a traditional job or there wasn’t enough flexibility to deal with what was going on in my life. Yet, I think that most of us have a moment where we just know or knew we had to find a way to start a work from home business. Here’s what happened to me.

It Was About 8 Years Ago

I was finishing up my day at the technical college I taught at. Although I left at noon, I stayed later to finish up grading. I had a permanent VPO (victim’s protection order) against the ex-husband (notice I depersonalize that because I am not owning that anymore…enough is enough; while he is the father of my adult children, I do not have to own the violence associated. If you ever come at me with victim shaming, I will own you, instead!) for stalking and domestic violence. I had moved over 40 miles away with the help of a recognized Tribe and he had told the court he didn’t know my address. I had an attorney on file.

A process server walked into my classroom and did not identify himself and served me with papers. The ex was attempting to get the VPO thrown out alleging that I had fraudulently obtained it. More importantly (and most scary), it listed my home address. Yet, he had told the court he did not have my home address. By the way, again, I had an attorney…who should have been served on my behalf.

When you’ve been stalked, choked out, had your head beaten into a washing machine, had your social media taken over, and had a Tribe move you (and had him literally block your vehicle in at your new place and someone SEE HIM THERE DOING IT), and now he clearly knows where you work and you can prove he does have your home address, that’s a problem. A big fucking problem.

The Kicker? He Was Trying to Get Me Fired from My Teaching Job

I loved teaching. The pay sucked. I am a very good teacher. Male teachers with fewer credentials made more money than I did. I had to work two jobs to make the ends meet. Rather than fight that, I had already thought about finding a new job, but that’s a different story. Anyway, he had been calling and calling and calling and calling the college I worked at (which has since been shut down by the feds because of naughty, naughty things they did with federal student loans from what I understand) making allegations about what I did in my personal time (what personal time? I worked two fucking jobs!).

It is legal in many states, including Oklahoma, to fire domestic violence victims and survivors.

Legal Momentum

And guess who got called into the proverbial principal’s office? That’s right? Me. And I was terrified. He used to scream at me (over the phone and in person and in texts that I presented to the court) that he would do everything possible to make sure that I ended up homeless and living in a box…and for what? He’s the one who decided to leave and immediately move in with someone else. I said good…and decided I was glad the years of abuse were over (but they weren’t) and wanted to move on in life (which pissed him waaaaayyyyyyy the fuck off).

I literally had to go and defend myself with my VPO application, final order, and all of my proof to the Director of Education and the entire Legal Department of the college. I was the victim and I was on trial.

I was in absolute tears by the time I got out of there. I knew something had to fucking change. I knew I had to do something because this guy clearly, despite his being remarried, was fucking crazy and he had too much time on his hands. I reported the violation (nothing was done). So, I started researching how to start working from home as a freelance writer. I thought,, you know, if I am self-employed,, I can’t fucking fire myself, now can I?!

And, as it turns out, somehow, at some point, he figured out who one or two of my MALE CLIENTS were and tried to reach out to them (among a few other really stupid shenanigans) and the clients asked me about what was going on. My clients are reasonable people and I explained. I offered scanned court documents and it wasn’t necessary (unlike a certain college where I was on trial as the victim). They automatically decided he was crazy because who the hell does that?

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Fast Forward with My Work From Home Business

Fast forward eight years later, not every moment has been smooth sailing with a work from home business. I’m glad, overall, that I have it. With mom having cancer (fully treatable), Uriel’s disability, and my specific situation (an on-going stalker – I am not entirely sure he would ever stop if I worked a traditional job…), I don’t think traditional work is ever for me. That, and I like getting up and starting work at 5am or so and being done super early (although my clients know they can email me or message me through out the day and receive an answer during standard business hours).

Tell me in the comments: What was the defining moment that made you realize you needed a work-from-home business?

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