Thursday Jun 01, 2023

Texas Teacher Puts Son in Trunk – WAT

And some in her community, according to Fox News, are talking about what a good-hearted person she is.

So, the teacher puts her COVID-positive CHILD in the trunk of her car so that she would not be exposed. And a warrant was issued for her arrest because, you know, it’s a bad idea to put your child in the fucking trunk of your car.

As a mom of three and someone with systemic lupus, I have serious concerns about Rona. Big ones. Giant ones. I’m vaccinated and I understand that the vaccine does not prevent one from catching it. It lessens the likelihood that I could die from it. I had Rona at the end of 2020 and I was sick for ten months of 2021. Oh, hey, no vaccine (except maybe polio at this stage of the game) 100% prevents any disease. You want to “do your own research?” Do your own research on that actual fact.

Anyway…back to this parenting bullshit story at hand.

She. Put. Her. Child. In. The. Trunk. Of. Her. Car.

Let me ask you a question…a couple of them, actually.

  1. Who does that? When we thought Uriel had Omicron from school this past Christmas, know what we did? Stayed home with him. We did not lock him in a closet, a trunk (minivans don’t have trunks anyway), a room, or anything else. He’s 12 and has autism. He can’t take care of himself but he damn sure wouldn’t understand. But who in their right mind as a parent sticks their kid in a trunk when they are sick? (I know, I know, some of you are talking about how you always wanted to ride in a trunk…not when you were sick.)
  2. If she will do this to her own child as a teacher, would you REALLY trust her with your child when you aren’t there? If she was my child’s teacher, I’d demand a transfer or I’d pull my kid out. End of story. If she so brazen that she places her own child in a fucking trunk? I can’t trust what she might do with my kid. No fucking way. No. No. Hell to the no.

I would make Angela here look like a goddamn saint. The shit Angela put Michael through would be angelic in nature compared to what I would put the district through if they did not move my child from that woman’s classroom. I am vicious when it comes to the safety and well-being of my children.


Just…gross. All of it.

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