Wednesday May 31, 2023

Tech Tuesday: Panda Planner Rocketbook

I love my Panda Planner Rocketbook. The video shows you a little bit about how to use it. Here are some screenshots from the app.

This is what it looks like before scans are made into the Rocketbook app.
If you look at the bottom of the image, I’ve scanned two pages into the Rocketbook app. My choices now are to discard or to use the green arrow for NEXT.
When I hit next, I can rename my file (which I do) and then I can click done. I check the scans of my pages before I do this.

The pages can be searched since it relies on OCR (optical character recognition). And, no, I don’t get anything for talking about Panda Planner Rocketbook. I just love mine.


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