Wednesday May 31, 2023

Tech Tuesday: Google Chrome Tip

Welcome to Tech Tuesday, a new feature I’ve decided to implement to help all of my work from home folks get through their daily ruckus.

I’m going to start with something I learned today, August 4, 2020, on my youngest son’s 11th birthday. It is barely 6:00 am while I am writing this post. Why am I up at such an early hour? I’ve learned that working the early shift helps me get more done.

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That is a discussion for another time…and, in fact, we’ve talked about productivity methodology quite a bit over the last week in the community.

The very first edition of Tech Tip Tuesday for working from home is something I saw in Google Chrome this morning on my laptop and I wondered how many people knew it did this…and I know that Google makes lots of changes to their products on a regular basis. Used Google Docs lately? I like its suggestions better than Grammarly.

Google Chrome Gives You the Option to Open Domain in New Tab

So, this morning I immediately opened a new tab because I have two windows open for a client project I worked on yesterday before calling it a day (at 2 pm…I work on client projects from about 6 am until 2 pm; my business line stays on until 6 pm). Lo and behold, Google Chrome gives me the option to open the domain in a new tab.

Google Chrome allows you to open in a new tab instead of a window.

As you can see, Google Chrome gives me the option to open Zoho Invoice in a new tab instead of the new window. I thought that was cool. I don’t need to use that right now, but it was cool enough for me to stop what I was doing to write this up.

And, yes, my Google background is pink…when it isn’t black.

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Tech Tuesday: How to open new tabs in Google Chrome from domains

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