Wednesday May 31, 2023

Stop Waiting for the Perfect Moment

If you are waiting for the perfect moment to get your freelance business started, stop. That’s just procrastination. It’s an anxiety thing. Stop waiting for the perfect moment. It does not exist.

It’s 2022. It doesn’t really matter what year it is, really. If you’re waiting for the perfect moment, you’ll never find it. It will never arrive. There will always be some reason why you decide the moment isn’t perfect. Something isn’t right at home. Something isn’t right in your relationships. Something isn’t right in your day job. You’ll blame the economy. You’ll blame politics. It’ll be something.

You Must Stop Waiting for the Perfect Moment

The fact is, even successful people have shit experiences. Yes, I know, the shit experiences are much easier to navigate with money and other niceties. However, do I need to point out the slew of rich people that went to prison for tax problems, filed for bankruptcy because of financial mismanagement, and who knows what else?

There will always be issues. I had issues the entire time I built my business. It seemed like there was always something. I had to build my business while working two jobs. I had an ex who was literally stalking me despite the fact I had a permanent victim’s protection order. I had children. I had recently remarried. Marriage. Kids. Work. Building a business. There was always something. Always. No perfect moments.

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Yet, eight years later, while there are still zero perfect moments (my 12-year-old sprang his ankle today at school…his first injury that required an ER visit…and during the pandemic, no less), the work put into it was worth it. Although there are still days were not everything runs smoothly, it’s still worth it.

There were power outages quite a bit today. The kid got hurt at school. He’s home with me while his daddy is at work, he’s home with me. The minute I went to the bathroom? Mr. Sprained-Ankle-Man was up and on his boo-boo foot.

So, there are days that you just have to work around everything. Period. And that’s life.

But seriously…stop waiting for the perfect moment. Just work.

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