Wednesday May 31, 2023

Start Freelancing: If I Knew Then What I Know Now

This month (Jan. 2023) marks nine years of freelancing for me. If I could choose one thing to tell myself back then when I first started freelancing, here’s what it would be.

We All Start at Zero When We Start Freelancing

I know, that doesn’t seem like some bring-down-the-house-overnight-success secret. And that’s because there isn’t one. Every person you’ve met or will meet and admire when you start freelancing all have at least one thing in common with you. They started at zero: zero dollars made as a freelancer, zero clients, and a lot of anxiety (even if they don’t own up to it).

My biggest thought was:

Why would someone hire me, a “freelance writer” with no experience or feedback when they could choose someone with actual experience and feedback?!

The answers are varied and depend on the client…but…

We all start at zero. I was hired because of my experience in the legal field. A lawyer wanted some help drafting a demand letter. Then, he came back to me and had me edit some articles he wrote.

So, work to highlight your experience or your talent when you start freelancing. And remember that we all started at zero.

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