Thursday Jun 01, 2023

Some Days, You Just Make the Best of It

Yesterday was rough. I am very much a realist + opportunist + moderate optimist (meaning I believe in speaking power into my own life as well as into the lives of others while being very mindful of what is actually happening). Like I say, while working from home as a parent means it is always bring your kid to work day, working from home is often romanticized…and even if it isn’t your kid causing shit (because it isn’t always the kid), some days just suck. So, some days you just make the fucking best of it.

So Let Me Tell You about My Day

I woke up around 7 am to let out the dogs. My husband got up as well. BB got up shortly after as well. And everyone was a bit of a grump. Bull didn’t sleep well. I didn’t sleep well (yay, RA). J called to tell me that someone broke into his work truck and stole everything out of it. He called the police of course because the window was smashed out.

And the fucking race (in my mind) was on.

I felt like, at first, it was all good because Wednesdays BB has virtual therapy (autism). Except that the therapy folks had connectivity issues…overall, not a huge issue. Got my work out finished. I started making my work plans for the day in ClickUp. I did a few chores around the house. Talked to a DV survivor and made plans to get the fundraiser money to her for her move. I knew I also needed to go get soap for myself since the girls who spent the long weekend here used my soap to take a bubble bath (not a big deal, I knew I was almost out). I also knew I had to get something for lunch for BB and Bull as well as something for dinner. I am a dairy free vegetarian (everyone assumes I am vegan) and my husband and son are flexitarians. So, eating takes planning.

It’s now almost 10 am so we decide to leave and go get the money for the survivor and go to the store. Bull went in and pulled the money for me from the ATM. When we arrived at Walmart, I masked up and went in. They were out of cart wipes and I am hoping whomever put the carts into the store sanitized them and that’s why the handle was dripping wet. So, so gross. Bought them pizza and bought myself some sparkling water (no sweetener) and bought soap. Wondered why Walmart bothers with having their employees mask up if they all wear them under their nose.

Got home and walked in right before noon and J called and asked me to meet him at a gas station ten minutes away. Moms, your kids will always need you, even as adults. Damn right I will. Jumped back into the car and drove over there while Bull made lunch for BB. J is so tall that the work vehicle they had him in, this tiny little Chevy, looked like a clown car. Oh, and I realized on my drive to that gas station that I have like six more pages I have to finish by Friday (and I am writing this on Thursday…sigh.)

On my way back, the DV survivor messaged me because she was on her way to my house. Told her if she beat me there, wait for me. I pulled into my driveway two minutes before she did. Whew. Ran in, got the money, gave it to her. Talked to her for a few minutes. Seeing her happy and excited about life was so great.

Ordered a vegetable sandwich from Sprouts…and it was covered with almond spread…noticed it when I got it home. So, into the trash it went. Don’t worry – Pandora dug it out and ate it. I drink almond milk and I hate almond spread. Bull and BB took a nap. I finally started working at 2 pm. My lunch? So glad you asked: jelly beans and a Pepsi (very rare for me to drink soda).

I worked until 6 pm. Booked a new client call, secured another new client, took a one hour break, Bull went to jiujitsu, BB and I ate fried potatoes, and I worked on social media stuff for clients for another hour or so.

Yesterday was rough, but I just made the fucking best of it because sometimes that is all I can fucking do. Today is a new day.

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