Wednesday May 31, 2023

Short Story: How I Started Hating My Office Space

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In August 2016, I rented office space. My reasons were pure. As someone who worked from home, I struggled with separating my work life from my home life. When I was working, I felt guilty because I wasn’t doing typical homemaking things. When I was doing typical homemaking things, I felt guilty that I wasn’t working. So, I found a nice size single office at an affordable rate that included my Internet. Up until the last month or so, the experience (overall) was fine. However, I started to hate it. Here’s how I started hating my office space.

I Felt Rushed Every Day

When you’re paying for office space, you feel obligated to use it. And I was no exception. I am definitely more focused in my own space. There are fewer distractions. Yet, between school obligations for the school-age children, martial arts practices for my husband and one of my sons, and appointments for the Baby Bull, I always felt rushed. I started freelancing to take control of my time…not to feel like I’ve got more obligations.

I Hate Whiners

I understand whining with children. Children have to learn that life is tough and that they are tougher. I hate whining from adults who are on the job. There is a difference between the occasional whining session that most of us have and people who think they are entitled to an easy life. Life is not easy. I hate whiners. The walls here are thin. To the right of my office, is a business owner who does construction and roofing. I like him. It’s his son / assistant that drives me batty. He always has something to bitch about. It’s never a well-worded suggestion that shows how business practices can be improved. It’s always a complaint about how awful it is that he has a job and has to work.

Loud Noises

I can tolerate loud noise from my children. I can tolerate occasional loud noises in a traditional work atmosphere. These new neighbors on the other side of me? Just…no. I lost a contract because of their nonsense. They just seem to have no common sense.

Always Inside

I’m not getting outside as much as I used to…to be fair, though, it’ summer in Oklahoma – so being outside during certain times of the day is fucking miserable. However, early mornings and evenings are better. Right now, I am almost always inside. Officing from home again means more opportunity to not be stuck inside out of obligation. It was so great a couple of weeks ago when I got to work outside at the lake while Red Bull fished.

No Time for Certain Hobbies

Because I always feel rushed to get here, get my work done, and get home so others can get to where they need to be, I feel like I have no time for certain hobbies I really love. I have a lot of hobbies. When I get stressed out, I don’t want to do any of them…that, in turn, exacerbates my stress. I feel like I don’t have the time I need to unwind despite having my own space.

So, I’m moving my office back home.

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