Wednesday May 31, 2023

Shit I Say: SEO & Insurance Phone Call Edition

This morning I had to call my car insurance company. I wanted to make an early payment. I’m on hold. While I’m on hold, I’m talking to Bull about a client’s website and the SEO plan. Of course, right when this conversation is happening, the insurance representative picks up the phone.

Me to Bull right before the agent picks up: So what you want to do is begin to [I can hear the click of the agent pick up but I want to finish telling Bull what to do] Google auto hail and see if it says dent repair or what’s next.

Me, realizing I now sound like I need to make a claim quickly speak to the rep to correct the situation: The car is fine. I need to make a payment, not a claim. I do SEO for a living and my husband is helping me with a client project which is for auto hail dent repair. I need to him to determine which keyword is more natural.

That phone call to try and give the insurance company money early took over an hour, by the way, because the rep didn’t know how to take an early payment.

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