Wednesday May 31, 2023

Say It With Me, Kids!


Say it with me, kids:

  1. Lack of planning by current, previous, or tentative clients does not constitute an emergency on my part. There was an on again / off again client, a small digital media company, that I worked with a few times. They paid and seemingly dropped off the face of the earth. I’d get an occasional, “Are you available? I have all these new clients and we need content!” I would say yes and we’d exchange a couple of emails to lay-out the framework. I’d ask when they wanted to get started (because I always get a “go ahead” in writing). Crickets. Okay, fine. So I’d leave it alone. Rinse and repeat the same behavior about every six weeks. Today, I received not one but two emails from the same small digital media company. The second message was essentially asking why I hadn’t immediately responded. Well, frankly, lack of planning (let alone execution) on the part of others isn’t an emergency on my part. And I have other clients. Monday is my absolute busiest day (not including Tuesday because Tuesday is short since Baby Bull has speech).
  2. Failure to plan is planning to fail. How many times have you heard me say that on the podcast or even read it here on the blog? I do not and will not drop or modify my schedule because other people can’t get their shit together. I rarely jump through hoops.

So, that’s my Monday (except I am only about 1/3 done with my day, if that).

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