Thursday Jun 01, 2023

Reason #1018 People Fail at Working from Home

working from home

I work really hard when it comes to running my business. I also stay fully involved and committed to my family. So, when people I don’t know ask me to hire them through social media, you can guarantee it’s a no…but every once in a while, I’ll offer to look at a writing sample or a resume and give advice. Because as hard as it is to run a business, it’s equally hard to get started.

So, I said…send me a writing sample. I received that as expected and I responded and asked several questions. Lo and behold – no answer. Reason #1018 that people fail at working from home? They’re flaky. People want to work from home until they figure out it’s actually work.

If you’re a flake, if you’re lazy, if you have no self-discipline…you will not successfully work from home.

3 thoughts on “Reason #1018 People Fail at Working from Home

  1. Hi,

    it seems that self-discipline is the most important thing in every business,right !?

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