Wednesday May 31, 2023

Real Life Update

So…things have been crazy busy in my work from home writing life.

I know most of you come for the writing tips, writing jobs, work from home advice, etc. However, I am a real person. So, some updates.

The work from home writing jobs page is down. It will come back when I have time and energy to maintain it…it will look a little different. I plan to teach all of you how to find your own jobs.

Be ready to sign up for that. It will be pay what you can. If you can’t pay, come anyway. Why pay what you can even if you can’t pay? I remember what it was like when I was trying to build my business and couldn’t afford to pay anything because I had two jobs, three kids, bills to pay, etc. So, if you can pay .50 cents or a dollar, great. If you can’t pay at all, that’s fine. Come anyway. Yes, I know the risks of being taken advantage of…so, watch the blog, my Facebook page, my IG page, etc. Tell your friends. Okay? Okay. It is very important to me to make this successful for people who need to work from home for personal reasons like I need to work from home. That leads me to my next update.

Where in the Hell Have I Been?

So, I used to update this blog like clockwork…before COVID, which I caught last December after doing everything right (and no, I am not anti-anything). The migraines got worse. Not long ago, the doctor thought I had mastoiditis. Turned out it was a lymph node infection.

Well, guess what? I had a doctor’s appointment with my new primary care physician and…I have another lymph node infection, fatigue that won’t go away (to the point I do nothing but sleep), no appetite, weight loss, constant headaches, joint pain, more panic attacks. So, blood work to determine whether I have lupus or RA. I was told when my adult children were little (by blood work and symptoms) I had lupus…and then one doctor said no. Last year, I was told during the pandemic to get the RF blood work because my knees looked like I had RA.

One med was added. It’s helped with nerve pain in my shoulder (from a previous break to my clavicle).

Anyway, we (Bull went with me) learned that 1 in 3 COVID patients (when recovering) who also had EBV (Epstein-Barr virus, I had it as a teenager) will reactivate.


So…this entire fucking thing has just been a nightmare. But…we will have the answer soon. I am around 95% sure it’s lupus given my previous medical history and my mother’s history as well.

I’m not dead. I added my friend and business bestie to the domain as well. When she feels a little more comfy she may be posting, too. I have some ideas to write about, but I need a bit more energy. Managing work and family is a lot even with my vitamin and diet (the doctor commended it saying I’m doing everything right).

Hang in there, yall. I’m around.

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