Thursday Jun 01, 2023

Perhaps Humans Are Just Shitty

Well, it’s been just over a year since the last two mass shootings. Of course, during COVID-19, we had a shelter in place order for months.

Yet, people lost their jobs. Children were home from school. We dealt with account after account of police brutality instead of those mass shootings.

It isn’t gun laws. It isn’t a mental health issue. Those are the two driving factors that each side push. We’ve not faced weekly, biweekly, or monthly mass shootings. And we know it isn’t because people stopped gathering in groups. We can all recall the white folks with their guns congregating to protest at government owned sites. Nothing happened. With the BLM protests, people were ran over. Turned out most of the looting and rioting were also done by whites and then ignorant folks on social media would scream about how all of it was the fault of BLM. Crickets when the whites were outed…straight to “whataboutisms.”

It isn’t gun laws. It isn’t mental illness. If it is a mental illness, it is controlled because, again, we just watched the one year anniversary of a Texas and Ohio mass shootings roll by.

As a whole, it’s abuse and self-centered behavior. Abusers need their behavior justified so they can continue. If they are that mentally ill (and history has shown that most aren’t as well as a distinct lack of mass gun violence meaning, again, controlled thoughts and behaviors), excuses are made about why we don’t have more gun laws. And more gun laws don’t work. We can’t enforce the ones now. We certainly cannot enforce new ones.

It’s that humans are selfish and when they know excuses can and will be made as well as when they can get away with it, they will act accordingly.

But y’all clearly aren’t ready for that conversation. And yes, that also applies to what we all saw happen when entire units of law enforcement would quit….accountability breeds responsibility and abusers won’t have it. And people will continue to make excuses for it. Doesn’t matter if it’s access to weapons, police brutality, or other forms of abuse.

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