Sunday Feb 05, 2023

Overwhelm:Taming the Mental Monster

Whether you work from home or not, overwhelm simply is not your friend. It is, without a doubt, a mental monster. When we get overwhelmed, we tend to procrastinate. When we procrastinate, we get overwhelmed. It is the literal definition of a catch-22.

And You’re Not the Only One Dealing with Overwhelm

I recognize that social media, especially social media that wants you to sign up for this course that will teach you how to create perfect content to explode your business growth and this “free masterclass” that shows you how to use underwater basket weaving to gain a million new followers, using picture perfect images with dozens of filters to get the look juuuusssttt right while you’re sitting there in your jeans and t-shirt or maybe even your pajamas with cough syrup on them that your kid just happened to sneeze onto you certainly feeds into this.

Because those bombshells are killing it while working from home and you’re just….there. Existing. The fact of the matter is, Anyone with a Canva account (even the free version) can make a nice image. Even me…and I suck at graphic design. They have free templates. Masterclass is a buzz word. There’s no such thing as creating perfect content…you’ll still need to work to market your shit as well as learn to be social on social media (gasp) unless you hire an expert to run your shit for you.

But you’ll still have your kids, your responsibilities, and everything else going on…and now everything else that comes with establishing, branding, growing, and managing a side-hustle into your little empire from the comfort of your couch.

And if anyone tells you they weren’t overwhelmed, they either had a trust account or a great income from a significant other that enabled them to hire a nanny and people to do everything for them….or, more than likely, they’re lying.

Because everyone gets overwhelmed at some point. Overwhelm is the mental monster. Period.

Taming the Mental Monster

Taming the mental monster is not easy. It is something that I personally must be cognizant of on a regular basis, especially since I have CPTSD and OCD.. See? I’m not perfect. I do have my struggles. I may not voice them all the time (I don’t need to), but they do exist. I just work through them and despite of them. Here are my best tips for taming the mental monster when working from home or when you’re learning how to start a side-hustle.

Recognize you cannot do it all. Your entire life is about setting priorities. You cannot do it all. I cannot do it all. There is simply no way. It is unrealistic. Every single one of us must prioritize. If learning how to start a side-hustle that you can build into a full-time working from home scenario is something you really want, then you’ll need to give up some things. It could mean that you get up before anyone else. It could mean that you stay up later. It definitely means that you stop scrolling mindlessly through social media (I promise you that season 20, episode 14 of of Susan’s 15th love of her life this year will still be there as well as the subsequent fall out. You will not miss anything…).

Make a to-do list. Seriously. Stop trying to remember everything. Make a list. You can make more than one list. Make a list of business things you need to do. These don’t have to be huge accomplishments. They can be small. They should be things you can accomplish to help you gain momentum. This will help you avoid procrastination which will help you feel less overwhelmed because you’re getting shit done.

Take action even when you don’t feel like it. Falling behind is the worse fucking feeling on the planet. And, yes, there are times when we can’t help it. But there are also times we can help it and we’re just making excuses. Take action even when you don’t feel like it. If you don’t, you’ll find it just gets easier and easier to not do it. And before you know it, you’ll become part of the “Yeah, right” crowd because you failed. Your mental monster will eat you and you’ll give up. When you take action of some kind, you’ll feel less overwhelmed.

If your list has you feeling overwhelmed, examine it. Ditch the shit you know you’re not going to get around to doing any time soon and start the list over. Make a new list. Make a right now list. Make a for later list. Make a for much later in the future list. You can still have those things on a list. You just don’t need to let them stop you or cause you to be fearful. Split them up into more manageable chunks.

Taming the mental monster isn’t always easy. But it must be done if you want to be successful. What’s your best tip?

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