Thursday Jun 01, 2023

Operation Varsity Blues: Aunt Becky Goes to Jail

So, Aunt Becky is going to jail for five months. I mean, I doubt she stays because of the ‘Rona. If Cohen doesn’t stay and I’m positive others got out (I am not talking about the common folk in overcrowded facilities…I am talking about the folks with money), she won’t stay, either. But do you know who I really feel sorry for in all of this?

Lori Loughlin Clearly Thinks Her Daughters Are Too Stupid for College

Think about it…she had to bribe the college to let her daughters in on fake athletic scholarships…not academic scholarships. In my opinion as a writer (protected by free speech), she couldn’t believe that either of her daughters were smart enough or athletic enough to get into college on their own. And, obviously, a community college or state college just wouldn’t do. Oh, nooooo…let’s commit a crime. Which, by the way, didn’t just send Aunt Becky to the big house…it also cost Olivia Jade, one of the daughters, a brand deal.

If I were one of Aunt Becky’s daughters, I’d tell her to fuck right off. To think that your own children are incapable…that doesn’t speak to the ability of either of the daughters…at all. It speaks to the likelihood (keyword) of incompetent parenting unless she raised a couple of Ted Bundy babies (Ted Bundy essentially said the way he turned out wasn’t the fault of his mother…that he was just a psycho…because becoming a psycho isn’t always the fault of the parents).

I really hope the brands that once wanted to work with Olivia Jade and any brand or business that wanted to work with Isabella Rose…or any academic institution that previously considered them would consider them again on their own merits and not their mother’s epic fuck ups.

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