Saturday Feb 04, 2023

Open Calls for Submission

Just a quick note – while I do work hard to maintain this page and update it, it’s by no means the only list out there. Also, just because an outlet charges a reading fee does NOT make it a scam. For many, that’s how prize money is garnered and how staff get paid. With that being said, if you come across (here or anywhere else) a “contest” or a call for submission that requires you to buy copies of a book (like, you know, enough to fill up your garage), run the other way.

  • 3 Lobed Mag – Fiction
  • Allen & Unwin Book Publishers – Adult fiction, adult non-fiction and illustrated submissions, children’s and YA submissions, academic submissions, New Zealand submissions, The Australian / Vogel’s Literary Award
  • Cast of Wonders – Ages 12 to 17 years old; fantasy, science fiction, horror, comedy, steampunk, age appropriate paranormal romance, and superheros
  • The Cincinnati Review – Micro, poetry, fiction, literary nonfiction, poetry translations, artwork. Year round submissions
  • Critical Read – Year round submissions
  • Driftwood Press
  • Fido Friendly – Travel and lifestyle for dog lovers
  • Flashlight Press – Fictional children’s picture books targeting 4 to 8 year olds, under 1,000 words dealing with family or social situations.
  • Gibbs Smith – Nonfiction: interior design, architecture, children’s, and cookbooks. They also accept arts and crafts, western humor with general appeal, general humor, and gift books.
  • Jam & Sand – Flash fiction, short stories, poetry
  • Mount Island – LGBTQ+ rural; POC. Year round submissions
  • No Brow – Comics, graphics novels, picture books for children, and non-fiction for children.
  • Pelican Publishing Company – Adult non-fiction: Louisiana / regional popular history, biography, true crime, cookbooks, architecture books, art, humar, music, and sports with a min. word count of 40,000 words with a max. word count of 100,000 words. Young adult fiction and nonfiction: history, biography, African American, and regional with a min. word count of 25,000 word count. Juvenile fiction and nonfiction middle readers (ages 8 – 12): history, biography, cooking, African American, regional, and STEM with a maximum word count of 25,000. Juvenile fiction and nonfiction picture books (ages 5-8): holiday, history, biography, African American, regional, and STEM with a max. word cound of 1,1000 and an author’s note to children.
  • Provider Magazine – Long-term and post acute care professionals
  • Tangled Tree Publishing Crime, thrillers, suspense, mysteries.
  • Thirty West Publishing Full length poetry and novels.
  • Through the Gate LGBTQ+; POC; disabled; neurodiverse; and other marginalized identities. Year round submission
  • Unnamed Press Fiction and non-fiction.
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