Wednesday May 31, 2023

Oh, the Irony

You’ll recall, with sweet, sweet irony (I hope), that the pAtRiOtS (the idiots of the insurrection and those on Parler) that somehow thought the liberals were in bed with the Russians…and then screamed about how their freedom of speech was being trampled upon when Parler was shutdown and, you know, when various social media companies decided to enforce their Terms of Service…

Because I guess they slept through seventh grade civics, American history, and federal government class where we all learned that 1A boils down to the fact the government can’t arrest you for criticizing it and that just because you can say something, doesn’t mean you are free from it’s consequences. It’s basically why you can get fired for talking shit if your employer finds out in an at-will situation and sometimes even in a contract situation…I mean, there are all kinds of stories about it. I’ve written about why it is a bad idea to not lockdown your social media if you’re looking for a job (or working). I used to teach this concept, too. As a writer, I get some leeway because people expect an opinion out of a writer. But…guess what? I’m still not free from the consequences of what I say. I am very well aware that someone may decide not to do business with me because of my opinion.

Anyway, Parler is back….with help from Russians.

What sweet, sweet irony from a group of people who talked a lot of shit about liberals they swore were in bed with the Russians…

Especially since something like 70T of data was stolen from Parler at one point. And from what I understand, to sign up, you had to prove your identity in some way. Think long and hard about that.

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