Wednesday May 31, 2023

No One Gave a Shit about the Struggles of Working from Home Until COVID-19

And then all of a sudden, people wanted to complain about how it was “unsustainable for working parents.” It isn’t that it is somehow “unsustainable.” The truth is that some people just don’t like it and they don’t want to own up to that. As I’ve said before, working from home isn’t for everyone.

The other issue is that many people, and I know this from watching people interact with their children, simply don’t want to take the time and interact with and parent their children. They are used to the few minutes in the morning before dropping them off at school and the few hours in the evening before bed. And the weekends. They shuffle them off to do things during the school breaks. So, they aren’t used to the full on handling children all the time.

That’s not working from home being unsustainable. That’s parenthood. Period. I have to work from home for many reasons, one being a non-verbal special needs child who will go to day care or have a babysitter over my cold, dead body because that’s how children like him get abused…because they can’t talk.

I like this article from The Cut because it talks about not just how to work from home with kids around, but how some of yall have to stop expecting so fucking much out of your kids…and yourselves. Chill the fuck out a little bit. Working from home and doing what you need to do as a parent is sustainable because right now for their safety (which is your fucking job, by the way) has to be done. Period.

You can do this. You can unfuck yourself. You can maintain your sanity. And COVID-19 isn’t a viable murder defense. Remember, the more people that keep fucking this up, the longer the rest of you who hate this lock down shit are going to remain this way.

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