Wednesday May 31, 2023

Morning Meltdown 2/100

Well, this morning was workout 2 out of 100. So, you know…2%. It was upper body. I am not a big fan of upper body because of issues with both shoulders. My right shoulder has been an issue for 21 years. Around 16 years ago, I had steroid shots in it for a congenital shoulder deformity. Most in my family have a version of it, including my biological children.

The upside is I’ve gone from using no weights to a whopping five pounds…over the course of almost a year. I’ll call it a win!

Fitness is just one area in my life where I was told I couldn’t do anything. From an awful marriage years ago (despite the fact I got quite fit between Beachbody P90X and Jillian Michales) to the shoulder issue to dealing with AFib, it’s been a long road, but as the old saying goes, I didn’t come this far to only come this far. Yet I am also very happy with the progress I’ve made.

And That’s Something Most People Miss in Life

We’re always setting and striving for goals: more, bigger, better. And that’s fine. Yet, we often forget to enjoy the process and to appreciate the progress we’ve made. I find myself thinking back again to a couple of years ago when I saw Aunt G at a family function. I had an image on my cell phone for the front matter of a textbook…with my name on it. She marveled and then asked me if I had ever thought at any point in my life that I’d ever do such things.

It’s important to appreciate the progress and the change.

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