Friday Mar 31, 2023

Modified French Toast Cups

So, I recently came across Confessions from a Fit Foodie’s 21 Day Fix approved French toast cups. And if there’s one thing we like in this household, it’s French toast. For the record, I love the majority of what is on that site…but we’re vegetarians.

I know (from personal experience) it can be very overwhelming for people, regardless of whether they work from home, to move to a cleaner, healthier way of eating. And some cannot afford organic versions of what they eat (even if they like produce). My family isn’t a big fan of Ezekial bread which is used in the original recipe. We also do not use Splenda, Stevia, Truvia, or other “natural” sweeteners. They make me sick. Bull does use Mio which has Splenda in it, but he doesn’t care for it all the time.

So, I’ve created a modified version of the French toast cups that just calls on what most of us have on hand. I did the math and it works out to about 105 calories per “cup.” The “cups” are muffins. Clearly, my modified version has more carbs. So if you’re low carb, this is not the recipe for you. Follow the original recipe and use Ezekial bread.

If you can afford to do so, I recommend you follow the original recipe for the best possible results if you’re a 21 Day Fix junkie or if you’re looking for healthier versions of your favorites.


  • 6 pieces of white bread, cubed
  • 6 eggs
  • 1 cup of almond milk
  • 1/2 t. cinnamon
  • 2 t. sugar (which, by the way is a total of 15 calories. So, take that and divide it by 12…unless you’re diabetic, it’s not enough sugar to write home about)

You’ll also need a 12 count muffin tin. I used muffin liners to attempt to minimize mess.

Preheat your oven to 350. Put your liners in your muffin tin. Cut each slice of bread into 12 squares (three rows, four columns or vice versa). Place six bread cubes into each cup. Remember, this is using plain white bread. You could use whole wheat bread or whole grain bread or whatever type of bread you like. Bull bought plain white sandwich bread on sale. One piece of bread will fill two cups. That means there are 60 calories of bread per cup.

In a bowl, beat the six eggs, almond milk, cinnamon, and sugar together. I used a small measuring cup to make sure that I filled each muffin cup. The original recipe said you can mix it with your hands. I did not do that. I just made sure I covered the bread with the egg mix. Each egg is 70 calories. The easiest math is to say each muffin has half an egg. That’s 35 calories per cup. Then, you have one cup of almond milk. I buy Almond Breeze Vanilla. It is 80 calories per cup. So, that’s about 7 calories per cup (6.666666——–>7). The sugar is a little over 1 calorie per cup.

Modified French toast cups before going into the oven!
Modified French toast cups before going into the oven!

My math isn’t exact, but it’s still better than eating a plateful of French toast. Not to mention the sugar rush.

I baked them at 325 for 30 minutes. Bull loves them. I think they’re pretty good with some butter. We did not use syrup. Nancy Lynn’s post also included the use (or option) of fruit.

Eating better doesn’t have to always mean giving up everything you love. Sometimes it means finding healthier ways to make what you do love. It means finding small changes you can make to start feeling better.

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