Thursday Jun 01, 2023

Male Tennessee Law Maker Manages to Tie His Own Shoes – We All Wonder How…

Because he’s really worried the women-folk will begin stock-piling tampons!

Look, yall, even before I had a partial hysterectomy 18 years ago, I had other things to worry about than stock-piling tampons. I mean, even back then we had those crazy coupon people who could by shit for pennies or get money back from the store and leave with two basket loads of shit.

I promise you, we women are not concerned about stock-piling tampons. And so what if we were? It sure as hell beats out using crocheted tampons. Which, by the way, you should not do. Toxic shock syndrome is real. Use a menstrual cup. Buy disposable. Buy pads. I dunno. Also, can someone please explain to Forbes that the lady in the crocheted tampons piece is knitting? Please?

Besides, if we were buying tampons en masse, so what? It would help the market. God forbid that happen. God forbid people stop this free bleeding nonsense. I get it if someone honestly cannot afford tampons or pads. I was there several times as a young teenager. I feel for you. And before I had my hysterectomy (get ready for some TMI), I had to change pads / tampon combo every 30 minutes to an hour. Around the clock. And not just for a few days. After my oldest son was born, I did not stop bleeding, even with medication. In many of the photos of me, I am ghost white from internal bleeding.

So, if you men folk who are supposed to be, you know, making laws would please stop concerning yourselves with lady bits you clearly know nothing about, the rest of us would be eternally fucking grateful.

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