Thursday Jun 01, 2023

Job post changes

Hey everyone,

I know some of you follow me on social media and know that I post writing and editing jobs throughout the week. Of course, Buffer made that relatively easy to do…load and go, right? Yet, it was inconvenient for those of you who don’t have all day to sit around and watch my social media accounts for that. Even with Buffer, it was time consuming…but my main concern was making sure you all got the most updated lists. And…the more links I post on social media, it seems the fewer followers get reached.

So, you can now find curated job posts in one document on my Patreon account. It’s a PDF document and it will be updated on an almost daily basis now that I’ve spent time (hours) setting up the template.

There is a monthly fee of $5 to access the jobs. Why? Because it saves you the time of having to find all these jobs on your own. It’s a convenience service. You’ll also get access to other Patreon exclusive content as I make it (such as videos and live chats). I spend a lot of time every day going through these job postings to bring you great content. So, help me have time to help you.

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