Wednesday May 31, 2023

Jada “Reveals” Why She Had “Affair…” Except…

We all need to remember that she wasn’t raised in a monogamous family unit. And…

She and Will Smith agreed that when they married that it would be an open marriage. Whether or not they were fully polyamorous, I don’t know. It’s not anyone’s business. So, this “affair” that she supposedly had, wasn’t an “affair” at all. It wasn’t a situationship. It wasn’t anything except an accepted relationship with a third-party.

Will Smith was raised to accept monogamy as what marital relationships should be. Yet, to be with her, he accepted an open marriage, its benefits, and its heartaches. Unfortunately for him, it’s cost him a lot of heartaches. To be more specific as far as my opinion, she has caused him a lot of heartache.

It seems like few people noticed her sly smile when he slapped the taste out of Chris Rock’s mouth. Rock eventually recognized that he was in the wrong for his joke and apologized. Smith also apologized. Men are men, like it or not. It really seemed like that situation was just the straw that broke the camel’s back for Smith. And his entire world came tumbling down for him. We have to recognize that we don’t know what it is like for him to live his life behind closed doors. I know some of you: well if it’s so hard why doesn’t he just leave?

Go ask someone in an abusive situation the same thing. You could have asked me that, too, years ago. It’s complicated. And for him, whether or not there is some kind of abuse of him happening (regardless of your opinion from the outside looking in…I happen to think that she is verbally and mentally abusing him. I’m just a blogger exercising my First Amendment right with an opinion and clearly with zero facts to back that up), there’s money involved. He loves her. It makes the situation much more difficult, especially with a long history between them.

But an “affair?” Oh no, honey. That’s not an affair. Call it what it is. You have an open relationship. That was just a boy toy…a fuck boy. Not. An. Affair. Affairs happen in committed relationships.

Robin Bull

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