Saturday Feb 04, 2023

It’s Been a Long Couple of Weeks

Trying to get back into the swing of things with work and my life. The last two weeks are indicative of why I say to people that they are under no obligation to live their lives under the terms of people who know them. It doesn’t matter if they are blood related.

It’s Important to Say No

It doesn’t matter if you’re 18, 28, 38, 48, anywhere in between, or older. Saying no is important. We can all think of at least one person who if we say yes to one thing, they add on three more things, five more things, 25 more things…that it can never be enough. Regardless of what you do for them and what you have to ignore, put on the back burner, or otherwise give up.

Learn to mute your notifications on your phone. Learn and do what is best for your mental health because you are important, too.

10% Done with Morning Meltdown 100

Despite all of the ridiculousness of the last two weeks that I won’t continue to give my time or energy to, my workouts have continued. Today was workout #10. That’s 10% of 100. I’m down to 125 pounds, but some of that is likely stress from the last few weeks.

So, I’m alive. I’m trying to get back on track with everything else. Bull has been a real trooper when it comes to supporting me and helping me. I managed to dislocate my right shoulder (again). Recovering from that, too.

2 thoughts on “It’s Been a Long Couple of Weeks

  1. Yes, I believe in the power of saying no:) Congratulations on completing your 10%! Keep going! You got this!:)

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