Wednesday May 31, 2023

How to Ruin Your Rep in One Easy Step

So this morning, I was online just digging around while waiting for my knees to stop their shit (thanks systemic lupus). I found out that some lawyer in Kentucky developed what seems to be a great way to ruin their reputation in one easy step.

Call the Kentucky Bar a pile of human excrement.


So, he retired from the firm that carries his name so he couldn’t be suspended…and now works there as a paralegal. Because just in case you don’t know this, we paralegals have ethical guidelines, but we must have lawyer supervision. We also can’t provide legal advice or practice law. Providing advice, practicing law, or doing certain other things (many other things) is known as the unauthorized practice of law…it is a crime. We can be held accountable by whatever state we live in…and so can the lawyer who should have been supervising us.

I smell a potential criminal lawsuit in his future and a potential criminal lawsuit against whoever is supposedly supervising him. The Kentucky Bar is not done with him, oh no…especially since he is already being accused of…UPL! UPL is a very big deal.

So, anyway, if you want to ruin your rep in one super simple step, call people a human pile of excrement!

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