Thursday Jun 01, 2023

Honest to God Snow

Believe it or not, snow that sticks isn't something we see a lot of in central Oklahoma.
Believe it or not, snow that sticks isn’t something we see a lot of in central Oklahoma.

Snow happens (and sticks) more frequently in northern parts of Oklahoma, particularly in northwestern Oklahoma. Sure, we see a dusting of it every year. Central Oklahoma is more prone to a good ole’ fashioned ice storm. With lighting and the occasional threat of a tornado.

So, snow that sticks (despite it being 70 degrees last weekend) is a novelty here for about 10 minutes. I, personally, can do without it. It’s alright to look at. I am glad I work from home. No commute. No using paid time off to miss work from a corporate job. Some of my friends work for colleges so they get a paid day off since campuses are closed. And yet, I work from home. So….if I take a snow day, and BB is home and I am self-employed so technically I can take a day off whenever in the hell I want, then no money is made that day. It’s kind of a catch-22.

But, yeah, holy shit. Actual snow. Except, again, it was in the 70s last weekend. It will be above freezing tomorrow and going forward so it’ll be gone in a few days and my yard will be mud.

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