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Healthy Habits to Include in Your Daily Work from Home Life

Whether you’re working from home because of COVID-19 or because you run your own business, working from home is often a challenge. It’s romanticized into this notion that you have all this extra free time. And the truth is, you don’t. It can be really difficult to draw a line between work and life when you live where you work and work where you live. So, to help you out, here’s a short list of healthy habits to include in your daily work from home life.

Stay Hydrated

Seriously. Most people are dehydrated. And dehydration sucks. Soda does not hydrate you. It also has a metric fuck ton of sugar / sugar substitute. And, no, diet soda will not make you skinny or cancel out the other sugar you’ve ingested during the day. Drink water. Drink unsweetened tea. Drink unsweetened coffee. Hell, drink sweet tea you make: a big pitcher of sweet tea with one cup of sugar dispersed throughout is still less sugar than drinking several cans or Big Gulps of soda in a day. Also, water helps you mind your own fucking business because you’ll be too busy peeing to worry about what everyone else is doing. It took me forever to totally kick soda. I cut down gradually. Now I rarely touch it with the exception of serious, next level migraines and even then it is a last fucking resort (extra caffeine…although I get plant based caffeine from other sources throughout the day).

Eat Better

Notice I did not say completely change up your eating habits. Why? Because that is too much of a shock for most people and is a recipe (no pun intended) for failure. You can eat better, though, and you can do it without breaking the fucking bank. I do not hate to break it to you, but by and large, unless you live in a food desert (and they do exist even in the US), it is not less expensive to buy junk food. You can buy healthy food and not go broke. The main issue that no one wants to admit is that no one (including me from time to time) wants to take the time to prep their fucking food. I know. I deal with it.

Do you live near a Dollar Tree or other $1 store with a frozen food section? Guess what? They have one dollar bags of frozen vegetables and frozen fruits. Oh, and guess what? At Walmart (and I don’t love Walmart) usually has them for less if you will buy their brand. Frozen vegetables have more nutrients than canned foods. Canned foods generally have added salt and added sugar (read a label sometime). You may also find other things in it you never expected. For example, if you don’t like soy or want to minimize soy or milk or anything else, you’ll be in for a shock if you turn over any package and start reading labels. I love Pringles Honey Mustard chips. Read the label sometime: contains milk. Why? Why does it need milk? It’s not a cheese powder…. Anyway, canned foods have the nutrients cooked out of them, too. They are good in a pinch. I keep a few around, but I don’t use them daily (well, except I do use tomato sauce because I do not fucking have time for that).

Winco or other nice bulk store aside from Walmart…Walmart’s bulk section blows. I buy rice, TVP, red beans, black beans, lentils, and a host of other dry goods in bulk in Winco. They also have dehydrated potato slices, powdered cheese…you name it and they probably have it in their bulk section. It’s cheaper.

Buy fresh produce and learn to use it. Buy in season to keep the cost down. I live near a place called Green Acres. All they sell is organic produce. They even have a clearance section. We look there first. If I find something, I bring it home and prep it. We might have fruit salad. We might run it through the juicer.

You do not have to spend a ton of money. You also do not have to suddenly toss everything. Work things in. Start slow. Small changes are more sustainable.

Put Time on Your Schedule Every Day to Move

You do not need to be a member of a gym to workout. Do you have Amazon Prime? There are free fitness workouts and yoga workouts. YouTube has free fitness and yoga videos as well…and you don’t even need weights or equipment. Body weight is just fine. You don’t have to take on some big, grand workout plan, either.

When I first got approval by cardiology to start working out after a TIA almost six years ago, they told me to start walking and to walk as much as I could for as long as I could. I realize with COVID that isn’t possible. But there are free beginner videos on YouTube.

Every week when you plan your schedule, take a 30 minute or one hour slot and set it aside for working out:

Taken May 2019. I was 130 pounds. I am roughly 120 and leaner. Copyright: Robin Bull, Black Moth Media, LeNoir Communications, LLC – All Rights Reserved

Enjoy Your Kids (If You Have Them)

And if you chose not to have children, I am okay with that. I am not one of those moms. I have three sons. Two are adults and one is ten. Let me tell you…that time goes by so fucking fast. I know it can be stressful when they are little. But they are only little once. Make the memories. Do the crafts. Play games with them. Cuddle them. Read to them. Build blanket forts. You won’t regret it when they’re older. I’m afraid you’ll regret it if you don’t.

Please don’t stress them or yourself out by yelling at them. COVID isn’t because of them. It isn’t their fault they are stuck at home, too. If my older ones were still home, yeah, there might be a day or two where I’d hand over the XBox controllers and be like, “Go to fucking town, yall…” because we all need a break. BB has autism and isn’t into video games. Some days Bull and I hear the same sentence for 10 hours straight. Headphones are a blessing because it isn’t within his control and it isn’t his fault anymore than school being out. But, enjoy them while they are little. They aren’t little for long.

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