Wednesday May 31, 2023

Greetings from Pukeland – Population: Me.

There are very few things worse in the life of a work at home mom than catching a fucking stomach bug. So, yesterday, Bull and I considered the fact that I might be getting sick. Because I started crying over something really, really stupid (and no, I’m not talking about Toiletgeddon although that repeated itself yesterday, too). Today, I don’t eve remember what in the hell I was upset about. At all.

Bull went to bed around midnight last night. I wasn’t tired so I stayed up and watched Hulu. I felt blah. Started feeling dizzy and nauseated. Didn’t think a whole lot about it, really. Tried to sleep sitting up on the chaise thinking that would help with the dizziness. By the way, I didn’t go to sleep until 5 am. We all got up at 7:30 am because little boys are nature’s alarm clock.

I was still dizzy and nauseated. Bull left to run some errands. Baby Bull got dressed (teachers in Oklahoma walked out today. so he’s home with me. I fully support the teachers). I tried eating and vomited. Fun fact: I vomited so hard that I gave myself a headache.

Apparently, I have a stomach virus. How I got it remains to be seen. Baby Bull isn’t sick. Bull isn’t sick. They weren’t sick last week. My guess is the last time I went to the grocery store or something.

Working from home when you’re sick is torture. On one hand, it’s not like you’re gonna get fired. How the fuck am I gonna fire myself? And, no, my clients won’t fire me, either. On the other hand, if I don’t work, I don’t make any money. Money is a necessity because children like to eat. So do dogs. Hell, so do I.

So, today has gone from a typical work from home day to work from my bed day so I can be near a bathroom at all times. (You’re welcome for that!) My private nursing staff (Pandora, Crom, and Athena) all bid you good day. They refuse to leave my side which is both endearing and annoying when I’m face first in the toilet bowl.

brian griffin

Anyway, hopefully in a day or two, I’m back to my usual sarcastic ray of sunshine self and I’ll get to test out Reaper and get more podcasts uploaded. Audacity decided to eat my last set and it pissed me off.

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