Wednesday May 31, 2023

From the Mailbag: Do I Really Need Facebook as a Business?

Facebook is a social media platform that so many of us LOVE to hate. Six or seven years ago, you had to get at least 25 likes to see the reach of any post. If you got over 100 likes, Facebook began to limit your reach unless you paid to boost a post or sponsor one. Then, they instituted a lot (and I mean a lot) of rules about what you could and couldn’t say. You needed an 80/20 graphic to word ratio. You couldn’t use certain words. Their targeting system, though, has always been really cool.

Routinely, I hear “social media experts” (I use that term very loosely) tell a small business (and every business size) that they don’t need to worry about Facebook because Facebook is dead.

I have around 940 fans as of July 2019…and I routinely reach a minimum audience of 8,000 people. And, according to the image, that’s down almost half of what I usually reach. I know why it’s down. I haven’t bothered as much with loading content. I don’t do a lot of selling although the page links here to the blog and to one of my books and to several services I offer. (Also, I love Zoho Social…they aren’t paying me to shout them out, but I love their reports!)

Facebook Isn’t Dead – “Experts” Don’t Know What They’re Doing

When it comes to reaching your target audience, Facebook isn’t dead. The problem is that “social media experts” don’t know enough about researching your target audience to discover what they will interact with…and what they won’t. Many don’t recognize that not every single post needs to try and sell the audience something.

The audience will not buy from you or visit your website (where the sale SHOULD go down) if they do not trust you.

Facebook should be used to share the information your audience wants and needs along with things that make them click and share. It should be used to drive your audience to your website. You can do it organically. You can do it without wondering if the money you’re giving your “expert” is actually resulting in targeted clicks (much like Google AdWords, you have zero guarantee if the clicks you might get from a paid Facebook ad will be qualified).

While it is fine to sponsor or boost a post or even try your hand at an ad or two (or more if it works out well for you, but remember Facebook has strict advertising rules…unless you’re a Russian bot, apparently), Facebook should be leveraged (god, buzzword, kill me now…except the context is correct so I guess just assault me with a wet noodle) for what it is: a social media platform.

Use images that people like (people love memes and you can find appropriate and humorous ones for whatever industry you’re in). Provide free resources. Use Facebook Live. Use Facebook Stories. Facebook is about connection and you need that connection to build trust.

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