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Florida High School Shooting

So, I was gonna just keep my mouth shut about the most recent school shooting involving a former high school student who was able to blend in after he shot almost 20 people. Why would I, a mother, not want to weigh in? Because people do not listen.  There are factors that most people tend to ignore because they are too busy playing armchair lawyer, armchair policymaker, and armchair expert

So as I post this, know that I do it as a mother and not as a business stance. I am not a member of the NRA…but I’m not anti-gun. I am pro-child, pro-mental healthcare, pro-common sense.

You Cannot Legislate People Into Good Behavior

One more time for the people in the back: more laws won’t solve shit. We still have illegal drugs. Children are still abused. Domestic abuse still happens. Abortions still happen. You cannot legislate people into doing what you consider moral.

More Gun Control Laws Won’t Fix Shit

Again, I’m not a member of the NRA. I won’t get into my very own opinion on guns. I’m talking straight from the perspective of common sense. If continuing to pass gun control laws fixed anything, Sandy Hook never would have happened. Pulse Night Club shooting never would have happened. The dumb ass ex-military dude who killed people in a church (he’s a dumb ass ex-military dude BECAUSE he was kicked out of the military for the shit he did to his WIFE)…that never would have happened.

It’s not about gun control laws. It’s about the lack of enforcement of the laws already on the books. The other day, I wrote a state specific landing page regarding a bill of sale for Hawaii. On it (and for the other states), I answer questions about the most common types of bills of sale. One of the most common ones is for the buying / selling of a gun. During my research, I learned that from a statistical standpoint, Hawaii has the least amount of gun violence in the United States. Not only do they have extremely strict gun control laws, their legal officials enforce them at the local and state level.

Laws do us no good if they aren’t enforced. Know how the crazy ex-military dude in Texas that shot up the church got a hold of the gun that killed all those folks? Because the USAF didn’t report what he’d done as they were supposed to do. Don’t believe me? Read this. That lack of proper reporting isn’t a one-off issue. When firearm dealers run background checks, they can only go off of the information they are presented. And for private sales? In most states, you can sell your personal gun to anyone you want as long as they aren’t a felon. Do you know the laws in your state related to private gun sales? You probably don’t – and yet many of you are running your mouth about how we need more gun laws. Why? So you have something else you don’t bother to educate yourself on?

In a VPO that I have (now worked into an amended divorce decree) against the ex, the original copy signed by the judge said that the ex was no longer allowed to own guns. Guess what? He owned them. No one from the court or local law enforcement ever went to remove them. Court orders and gun control laws do us no good if no one will enforce them. 

“People Knew He Was Crazy and No One Reported Him Because He Loves Trump!”

Yeah, there are social media images of him in his MAGA hat. But, guess what? He was reported to the FBIThe FBI never bothered to follow up.  That stupid ass “crazy” label is another problem. Do you know why people don’t want to get help for mental illness even IF they think there may be something wrong with them? Because they’re treated like they’re contagious by the public at large. Even if no one says anything to them directly, they hear the way people talk about the mentally ill. No one likes to be labeled.

Besides, those who are truly insane generally don’t even recognize it. I lived with that in a previous marriage. It’s always how everyone else has the problem…not them.

I definitely think this dude should have the book thrown at him. It takes a lot of calculation to not just go in and shoot up a school, but to then be able to blend in with the students to try and get away. He’s likely a sociopath (and I don’t use that term lightly). You cannot change or heal a personality disorder. We’re also dealing with the fact that he lost his adoptive father several years ago. He lost his adoptive mother last year. That’s not easy for any teenager…let alone one with obvious mental health issues. I am a big proponent in taking responsibility for your actions. If you have a “normal” or “above normal” IQ and you have the ability to plan something like this out, you know right from wrong and you should pay for it. Plain and simple.

It’s Not Guns – It’s a Lack of Respect for Human Life

And, no, you don’t need religion to have respect for human life. And, no, this is not the same thing as the abortion debate. Honestly, most people who label themselves as “pro-life” are actually “pro-birth” and give zero fucks what happens as long as that baby is born. They don’t give a shit about the mother, the father, or the kid once that uterine eviction takes place.

This is a problem with societal culture. While you’re all name calling each other for disagreeing over politics, gun control measures, and funding mental health treatment, you’re contributing to the lack of respect for human life. When you’re telling people they’re worthless and bullying people over a difference of opinion, you’re reinforcing the lack of respect for human life. 

If you want to stop school shootings, start teaching the value of human life. Start in your own home by putting your goddamn cell phone and laptop down and spending one on one time with your children and teenagers. Show them they matter. Show them they have value in your life. Show them how you give compassion and love for others. Yesterday, I watched my husband cross four lanes of traffic on a busy road to help a teenage boy push his truck out of the road after it had broken down. People honked and yelled…instead of stopping to help this kid. It took my husband ten minutes to help this kid push the truck into a parking lot of a local gas station so he would be safe. Meanwhile, other able bodied people just zoomed by…no one asked if he needed them to call a parent or a tow truck. Turns out, the dad was on his way…but we only knew because we asked.

Valuing human life isn’t done by passing more laws that won’t be enforced. It is done by enforcing the laws we have. More importantly, it’s a grass roots effort that starts with me. It starts with you. Will we ever stamp out violence in schools or anywhere else? No…because assholes and anomalies like Ted Bundy will always exist. Sometimes, people are born to perfectly good parents and still have personality disorders. Those people won’t always act in a violent way. Some realize that’s the wrong thing to do…and we can’t always stop the ones that don’t care. Outlaw guns…there are knives…cars…trucks…poisons…combative training. People who want to kill will find a way. But the people who teeter on the edge? Those are the people we can reach if we would all start showing the value for human life each and ever day.


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  1. Hey, I’m there. I think it goes to a personal responsibility level. Until the collective ‘we’ take individual responsibility for our part, however small, we are giving into apathy. In the case of the value of human life, apathy kills.

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