Tuesday Sep 27, 2022

Obligatory Welcome Post

working from home

For those of you not into witticism, you’d likely be happier on another site. This is the obligatory welcome post to explain what you should expect from this work from home site. The short answer is the uncomfortable truth and working from home information. I know so many people who want to work from home…yet they don’t really understand the dedication, patience, and ability to put up with massive amounts of ridiculousness that it takes in order to be successful and not want to shoot yourself in the face.

My name is Robin Bull. I am a professional writer. You can learn more about me on the “About” page. Gee, imagine that. I am a wife and mother. I found that working from home made better sense for my family (and for me). I started out as a freelance writer. I suppose most people would still consider me a freelancer…but it’s so much easier to just tell people I own a business. Because, let’s face it, even though everyone mentions how awesome it would be to do what I do, the common response is, “Yeah, but what do you REALLY do?” This. This is what I really do. I am very good at what I do.

This site has several purposes. If you’re interested in working from home, no I am not hiring. Do not ask me for a job. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve helped people just to have them decide it was too much work. Well, no shit. It’s called WORK from home for a reason. Confessions from the Couch will give you an inside look at the good, the bad, and the often ugly truths associated with being your own boss.

The next purpose is to give other work at home people a place where they can anonymously confess to things…maybe they want to give you an inside peek of their day after working 12 hours, cleaning the house, and how they woke up to a pile of dog vomit. Maybe they want to brag about how awesome it is to not be stuck in a cubicle. Maybe they want the chance to rant about a shitty contract. I mean, we’ve all been there.

Finally, this site is pretty much for my own amusement. My work at home friends (some who live near me) would tell you how much this site is needed. Working from home is both glorious and awful. And this site will prepare you to deal with issues you may encounter (should you choose to jump corporate ship into the shark infested waters while nursing a gaping, bloody leg wound)…and it will open your eyes to the lifestyle. It really is a lifestyle. You don’t really get to separate your life from your work when your primary office is your living room where your toddler always tries to “help.”

If you’d like to submit a question about the work from home life style OR if you have a confession, hop on over to the “Contact” page. Send a message through the form. Confessions will always be posted on an anonymous basis.

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