Wednesday May 31, 2023

Even I Need to Proofread

Yall. Today has been hard. I am SO GLAD I proofread before sending the following to a vendor.

You all will be glad to know that I did not, in fact, send out that email calling one of my favorite service providers a fantastic tool. I read it before hitting send. YAY PROOFREADING!

Grammarly didn’t catch it…I did. And I love Grammarly, just so I’m clear.

Because fucking up an email once just wouldn’t be enough, no. Not today.

Then I wrote:


What is this? Porn?

Thankfully, I realized I did not want my message to read in that way. I have no idea if the message would have been received in that fashion. I am choosy about how I word my emails.

So I sat for a minute wondering what in the hell is wrong with me today…clearly, I need a nap…or something. I don’t fucking know. I wonder most days how I tie my own shoes…and then remember…oh, I can just slip them on without untying them.

Anyway, I settled for:

You provide a fantastic tool.


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