Thursday Jun 01, 2023

Don’t Make Shit Hard for Your Students

Recently, Bull & I attended an online acrylics paint class. We didn’t attend the live version. We used the replay. Initially, I planned to attend the live class about a week ago. I was disappointed when life happened and I couldn’t. It turned out, as usual, that was for the best. Because the instructor of the class who has apparently taught before, made shit extremely difficult for beginners. As a seasoned educator and work from home mom, don’t make shit hard for your students.

The above is how I felt by the time the two hour tutorial morphed into a more than four hour hellscape of pain and agony.

We even had to go to Wal-mart and buy more white, blue, red, and yellow.

The instructor and the instructions stated that we only needed white, blue, red, black, and yellow paint. Okay, cool. I have an entire set of basic acrylics and brushes. We had the right brushes the entire time. And, just for the record, I fully realized (and still realize) that my finished piece would not look like the instructors. I am no artist. I just wanted to do the tutorial.

If you are a teaching anything, make shit easy to understand or do if it is a beginner’s level project.

I did not do this to spend hours mixing basic fucking colors. Oh, you want me to use fucking purple? I could have bought that at the store. Why the fuck do I need to make it? I did not buy a damn palette and I do not own paper plates.

Then, she wanted to make peach. The problem? She did not actually know how to make peach. What she instructed us to make looked like Donald Trump’s skin tone.

I had to message a friend who is an artist to make sure that I was right about how to make peach so that I could fucking fix it.

Oh, you want us to make pink now? I could have bought pink at the fucking store.

Seriously, why wasn’t I given an entire list of colors needed as a beginner? Or something that read: You can either use these primary colors to make all these other colors along with some paper plates or a palette or you can buy the following colors…

As a beginner who had zero fucking interest in mixing colors and someone who just wanted to paint, I was pissed. I wanted to do something like this for…I don’t know how long. I’ll try another one from another place online. Hopefully, it will be a better experience.

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