Wednesday May 31, 2023

Despite Legal Tech, Some Law Firms Struggle With Remote Work Even with COVID-19

According to, despite COVID-19 (because changing a virus to a name mimicking a light beer is bullshit and we all know it), some law firms will struggle to make the switch to remote work even though legal tech exists.

And the sad thing is, they’re right. There are some damn fine legal tech options out there. Remote work, even for lawyers / law firms doesn’t have to be difficult. Granted, if you’re a mega firm with offices across the world and you haven’t already deployed some sort of strategy making remote work possible, it’s probably going to be a bit harder, but still doable because you’re probably already using:

  • Case management software
  • Secure email
  • Scanners
  • Contract repository
  • Document repository (and please, not Dropbox or Google Documents…they work in a pinch, but they may not keep you in compliance with the ethical rules in your state…I say that for all the solo and virtual lawyers. Besides, your case management software probably offers it or integrates with a reasonable priced, secured option made for lawyers)
  • Online, secured timing / billing software
  • VPN


Again, harder to deploy when you’re bigger…and if you have a large amount of physical files you need access to on a regular basis, but still doable. And you should probably start now. But we all survived the bird flu and the swine flu (I even had the swine flu). And the ebola scare. We will survive this as well… That’s not to say that this isn’t a serious issue because it is very serious. The thing is that we see it happening in another country first so we had time to prepare (despite Mike Pence).

Will we have illness? Yes. We’ve already had some deaths. Wash your hands. Stop touching your face. And listen to this Science Vs. podcast.

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