Sunday Feb 05, 2023

Brendon Burchard Leadership: One and Done

Brendon Burchard leadership app, Growth Day, includes a lot of different lessons. Each day, there is a new Brendon Burchard leadership lesson known as Daily Fire. Recently, one of those lessons included a concept he referred to as “one and done.”

From a personal standpoint, I loved the concept. Maybe it’s because I do what I can to be finished early in the day. Maybe it’s because I just enjoy being productive. I don’t know. I just appreciate the lesson.

Brendon Burchard Leadership: The One and Done Concept

I listen to Daily Fire each day. I also do my best to go through and score my Daily Habits (and Weekly Habits). I bought the Starter Membership to Growth Day for myself in 2021 as a birthday gift. I know that keeping myself engaged in positive personal growth activities is literally one of the best things for me. I am also able to participate in the Growth Day Community.

The other day in the Daily Fire, the concept of “one and done” was brought up. It meant that after the priorities for the day were set, three of the most important priorities were completed by 1:00 pm. You could take this concept and combine it with other productivity measures. For example, there is a productivity measure that includes only setting three important tasks each day. You could take that one and intertwine it with the one and done concept.

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Of course, the one and done doesn’t mean that you won’t have other things to do each day. It’s about making sure you tackle what is most important. You could make the time before 1 pm your deep work time (block work, focused work, whatever you want to call it).

It’s a great idea.

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