Wednesday May 31, 2023

As COVID-19 Spreads in Churches, California Governor Takes Action

So, here in Oklahoma, we are told to stop gathering in large groups…and people don’t take in seriously. In fact, Herman Cain went to the Trump rally in Tulsa and caught the Rona and is being treated in an Atlanta hospital. I’d never wish the Rona on anyone. I do wish everyone would wear a mask because the Rona is some serious shit. Wear. Your. Fucking. Mask.

On the west coast, Governor Newsom just banned singing in church. I know, some of you here in the buckle of the Bible belt that seem to think wearing a mask for 15 minutes as you go into CostCo or Walmart are just frothing at the mouth thinking about how you’re being persecuted. I fucking assure you, it is not the case.

It is because people cannot have common sense and just put the fucking mask on and keep their spittle and germs to themselves.

Remember, the Rona hangs out in the air for hours. Packed churches where people cannot socially distance are breeding grounds for the fucking Rona.

You can sing with a mask on. Your oxygen level will not go down. Don’t believe me? There are plenty of jogging videos on TikTok of people wearing all kinds of masks while wearing oxygen monitors to show you this. Please stop being stupid and stubborn. If you want your fucking life back, wear the fucking mask.

Unless…you just like being a victim and having something to bitch about because that’s what it seems like.

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