Wednesday May 31, 2023

Apparently, I’m Not a Real Writer

I am involved on writing groups on Facebook. I try to answer questions for people who want to get into professional writing. I responded to a thread yesterday in re whether being a professional writer was as hard as any other industry.

After giving my two cents, another respondent told me that I wasn’t a “real” writer because I am not published (in the sense of creative writing). Keep in mind that I’ve never heard of this person. They weren’t a professional writer. They hadn’t been published (traditionally) for creative writing.

They said my reasoning was “flawed” because I refuse to admit that the only REAL writing is creative writing. Because according to that person, “statistics” (that they never gave) show that no one makes writing in anything other than creative writing.

I laughed and told this person that even my 17 year old knew how to make money churning out content and that I was very sorry they had struggled so much in a lucrative market. I also said I’d just be over here sitting on the couch.




6 thoughts on “Apparently, I’m Not a Real Writer

  1. I love you and that GIF is just one more reason why. LOLOL

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