Wednesday May 31, 2023

And We Finally Have Electricity

The electricity finally came back on yesterday (Tuesday, Nov. 3, 2020) just before 2 pm. I felt a wave of relief. Of course, we had two committed errands we had to run. Our oldest son (22) still had (and still has, to our understanding) to electricity so he came to stay with us.

I took what felt like the longest hot bath ever. Bull often compares me to a lizard who needs a heat lamp…instead of a cat who likes to sleep in the sun. He means well, in his defense. I mean, this mean ass cat we have now is his first cat. He has more experience with things like lizards… So, he’s not wrong.

We’ve already washed what feels like a ton of laundry (in reality, it’s probably four loads). We’ve done dishes. Things are getting back to normal. I updated the WFH jobs list. I am organizing my to-do list to get back into the swing of things with my clients. It’s a bit like coming back from vacation…a vacation I didn’t want and that was no damn fun to begin with.

The first few days were alright…but the total mismanagement of the electric company’s handling of the situation and lack of communication (not the fault of the linemen at all) was complete and total bullshit) was very stressful. Kinda left me looking around at everything thinking:

But without the…what are yall doin’…

I am so grateful to get back into our general routine.

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