Thursday Jun 01, 2023

Adventures in Relearning HTML Day 6

So, I decided to relearn HTML. I am “back in my day, you didn’t need anything but HTML, Notepad, and occasionally Java or Javascript to do something fancy in Geocities” years old. Netscape was the browser of choice and we also used Juno for email.

I learned HTML from a fucking book. Yeah, I’m goddamn ancient.

In reality, I just turned 43. I learned HTML while pregnant with my oldest child in 1997. He was born in 1998. My first web business was not incorporated. I was a DBA: Black Sunshine Web Design. It just brought in extra money to help pay the bills while I was a single mom and working in life insurance (underwriter).

Anyway…remember, learned what I knew (know) from a book.

And now I am relearning HTML (and learning CSS and something else, hell – I don’t remember – do I have dementia?) from Codecademy as a Pro member.

Ultimately, the goal (for now) is to better help my clients with their needs. I’m not changing my career. I love what I do as a freelance writer and editor. I might add more services to my business, though. Time will tell. Anyway.

On Day Five I Learned Something New (to Me) about HTML

And I know that to many people, it isn’t fucking new, okay? So remember, Grandma Robin learned HTML in the 90s. The Dewey Decimal System was her Google. So…

I already knew how to put in a video and control the size of it via HTML. I had no fucking idea that to make play, pause, forward, etc., appear, all I ever had to do was type the word, “controls” attribute after including the proper HTML info (before closing the tag). So, it would have the < video src info with the quotations and then controls >

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