Wednesday May 31, 2023

A Lovely Father’s Day Weekend

Father’s Day weekend was lovely here in the Bull household. We didn’t do much of anything on Friday night aside from spend time together. On Saturday after meeting up with my cousin to drop off some Unicorn Tears and other things to help her on her fitness journey Then, we took BB to a small water park so that we could enjoy the day together. He loved it. He still remembers how to float on his back, which we taught him last summer, and just loved playing in the water.

Since Bull’s father drove into town, we invited him as well as Bull’s younger brother and family over for a Father’s Day cookout. We certainly enjoyed the company. So did the dogs. That cat hid in our room (which isn’t unusual). On Sunday, we all went over to see Grandpa Bull and other family. We all decided to go out to breakfast together. There were eight of us total since brother in law and his wife didn’t have their children with them. We were told it would be a 30 minute wait for a table. The uncle walked in, and he eats at the place all the time, and suddenly there was NO wait and our entire party was seated immediately.

Then, at Bull’s request, I made garlic naan and lo mein with brown garlic sauce for dinner. He and the cat also took the annual Father’s Day nap.

It was such a nonstop weekend. It was fun. It’s Monday and I’m all:

Seriously, yall, get the fucking jumper cables because I’m gonna need them. I have ten articles (eight of which I had planned to work on during the weekend because they’re short, but family time was more important) and five hourly clients to work with today. But…it’ll all get done.

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