Friday Feb 03, 2023

8 Fascinating Facts about Working from Home

Okay, so “fascinating” is a strong word. By the way, these aren’t your run of the mill “facts about working from home.” It’s basically just something I put together to give you a peek into how my brain functions and why I work from home. 

Fact 1: I was able to kiss bullshit corporate notions goodbye as a woman. And y’all know…I don’t “play” the woman card. I don’t want anything handed to me strictly because of my gender. Never have, never will. I think the concept of the foretelling of abilities based solely on what’s between (or isn’t between) your legs (and on your chest) is ridiculous.

So, what BS corporate notions am I talking about? Well, I have three I was glad to kick to the curb:

  1. Corporate dress code. I didn’t mind corporate / business professional attire so much. What I did mind was how somehow the presence of my shoulders or knees would throw a man into a tizzy and he wouldn’t be able to function. If the site of shoulders or knees gets you off, cool – that’s your business…but if it does it to you in the corporate work place, get help. You’re not the “big strong man” you think you are if you can’t control yourself and focus on your work. So, I’m sitting here now in my home office wearing a strapless (gasp!) black sundress with white polka dots and red trim. (And before someone says it, no, I never felt sexually harassed in the corporate world or when I taught college.)
  2. Half-assed compliments meant as an insult. “You look nice today.” “You look nice today. Who are you trying to impress?” “Are you looking for a boyfriend?” Uhhh, of course I look nice today. I would always look presentable at work. Was I ugly yesterday? Last week? Who am I trying to impress? No one. I enjoy looking nice. And no. Working from home means I can wear what I want, when I want…without hearing half-assed compliments that are meant as an insult. I spend an inordinate amount of time alone. I don’t see clients in person. I still dress nice. I still do my makeup. I’m still smoking hot. And I do it for me. There’s no one to question it.
  3. People who can’t keep up and think that I should slow down so they look good. I didn’t work in corporate America to make anyone else (other than my employer) look good. If you’re a slow worker (and do a good job), that’s fine. If you’re a slow worker because you can’t keep your ass off social media or your phone, that’s not my problem. I wasn’t there to make anyone happy. I was tired of hearing, “Slow down. You make the rest of us look bad.” That’s not my problem.

Fact 2: I set my own schedule. And I’ve played around with my schedule to improve my productivity. I’m not forced to work hours that don’t work for me or my family. I’m currently looking at schedule compression to free up more time toward the end of the week. Instead of working three or four hours a day (and yes, I make a full time income doing that), why not work two or three 10 or 12 hour days and have more free time? The beauty is that if it doesn’t work, I can change it.

Fact 3: I can work from anywhere…yes, I’m a mom. My older sons are 19 years, 17 years, and 8 years. My youngest has significant developmental delays. I can still work from anywhere. The little one loves to travel. The other two work and primarily do their own thing. (I’m a homebody and most of our trips are over the weekend so everyone can go.)

Fact 4: I don’t have to worry nearly as much as what will happen if I have a sick kid. I don’t worry about getting fired. I don’t worry about leaving my work in incompetent hands (not that back-up employees in the corporate world ever really do what they’re supposed to do). I just take care of business. I can’t fire myself. Sure, if I don’t work, I don’t get paid, but I can always make up that money and time.

Fact 5: My projects are things that interest at me. I’m past the point in my career where I have to take whatever I can to pay the bills. All of my projects interest me at least on some level or are in an industry I want to work in. I’ll always have tasks I don’t want to do. That’s part of life.

Fact 6: There’s no glass ceiling. I am compensated for my expertise and my time. I’m not limited on the number of hours I work (other than by my own desires).

Fact 7: I’ve designed my life to work for me (most of the time – no one has a perfect life). I have a morning routine that is designed to put me in a productive mindset. There’s no rush to a meeting. There’s no getting drained by coworkers who want to gossip. I can do my own thing and carry on with my day.

Fact 8: I don’t have to impress anyone with the “alpha” notion. By the way, if you spend your time telling people how you’re an “alpha,” you’re not. You’re just not. Alpha personalities don’t have to tell people. Their actions speak for themselves. My confidence and my work speak on their own. I don’t have to impress anyone. I don’t have to say anything shocking (although it turns out that common sense often shocks people) to get attention. I can just be me. And it’s great.



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