Sunday Feb 05, 2023

2021: Leeerroooyyyy Jeeennnkkkiinnnssss

Whew. 2021 starting off with a whiz-bang, huh?

I don’t know about the 2700 or so of yall that read this blog, but I’m already like…damn, 2021…

To be fair, I think we all knew there was a very good chance that the conspiracy theorists (now some officially linked to QAnon and Proud Boys) would try and overthrow the government during the “rally” yesterday. Also, to be fair, if we can hold people legally responsible for encouraging people who are mentally unstable to commit suicide or to commit some sort of crime, Trump should be held accountable for inciting violence. When you are the leader of the free world, you have a moral obligation to uphold the integrity of the laws of the land when there is no proof, as his own hand-selected judges have found, of fraud. And fraud is a legal concept consisting of specific elements.

I mean, we can get into other very disturbing factors from yesterday such as the NYTimes publishing footage of certain officers opening the gates, white folk (non-blacks) being able to prance right in with weapons and take selfies with officers, and only (so far) 50 arrests despite bullets flying. Yet, all a black person has to do is take a walk, a jog, reach for a wallet, sleep in their own home, or sleep off a bender in a parking lot and they end up dead and they get crucified by the public about how they somehow should have behaved better. That is the essence of privilege. If you do not understand that, you need therapy. If you justify what is happening, you would also find a reason to justify or deny what is happening to an abuse victim because “so and so would never do that.” You are part of the problem.

Oh, and before you scream about how this had to be ANTIFA, let me say to you what I said yesterday on social media before ending a very long friendship today after some thinking about it…think back to the spring and summer with all of the other protests and property damage. Remember all of the times Trump sent out DHS? Remember when he tear gassed people so he could hold the Bible very awkwardly to take a photo in front of a church that he didn’t even go inside of? Remember when he screamed about how damaging federal property had consequences? He was very silent yesterday, wasn’t he? That’s because…it wasn’t ANTIFA. And you know it. You. Know. This. He wanted the violence. He wanted the fight. He wanted the destruction. He wanted to stop his ultimate loss. Ask yourself why in the hell you don’t want to live in a Republic and why you why want to live under a dictator who can’t take a loss. When Hillary Clinton lost to him (don’t look at me, I didn’t vote for her), she bitched about it, but she damn sure did not incite any sort of violence. The #FuckYourFeelings crowd has a lot of feelings that clearly need help and I mean that sincerely because if the flip-the-table mentality leads to violence, that’s a fucking problem. That’s not how issues are solved, especially here. This isn’t China where attorneys lose their license for supporting democracy, but when you support that sort of bullshit that’s the path you’re headed down.

The FBI is currently accepting tips, including images through Twitter, of people who may have had something to do with inciting violence from yesterday. So, if you were in the area or if someone sent you images, you can visit the FBI’s twitter account (it has a little blue checkmark) and send them the images.

Also, it seems like a very good year to take up jiujitsu. You shouldn’t buy a weapon unless you get trained on how to use it.

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