Wednesday May 31, 2023

2021 Is Making 2020 Look Like a Bitch So Far

While also illustrating why the work from home life remains the only life for me.

I mean, other than when I caught COVID at the end of 2020, I didn’t (and don’t) mind the pandemic life. I’m already extremely introverted. I was glad that everything slowed down and shit. I chuckled a little to see so many people learn that working from home is actually work and not the glamorized life of lying around on the couch and eating bon-bons. (See this post…) To be fair, I also doled out advice on how not to lose your shit during the pandemic because I felt bad for the extroverts. I’ve said since the inception of this blog that working from home is not for everyone. I’m about 3/4 feral, anyway, and like to be left to my own devices. I suppose you could say I’m asocial (not anti-social…). I like to be left to my own devices. I’ve been this way most of my life. I get along with people just fine…it’s just that I find social interaction to be really exhausting. So, you know, the “being six plus feet away and stay home” has been a-okay by me!

Then 2021 came around…I was sick as fuck with COVID when the New Year came. Someone brought their child who “just had strep” to a jiujitsu seminar my husband taught/attended. It resulted in a brain infection for me (I was able to stay home – no breathing issues, etc). I was sick from late December 2020 until February. I had to buy migraine glasses, increase the migraine prevention med, and ended up colorblind. Oh, and ended up with a relapse of chronic fatigue. I’m still fucking tired. I worked the whole time I was sick. I barely remember any of it. I only did what I had to do: work and take care of my family. I didn’t bother much with any of my websites. Facebook banned my business page for almost 90 days for a three year old meme (from Valentine’s Day…a Dahmer valentine that read “You’re so cute I could just eat you up!” I disagreed with the decision to no avail.

At the end of February, my mom was diagnosed with throat cancer. Yes, you read that right. The good news is that the type of throat cancer she has is 100% treatable. In fact, today (April 19), she only has 2.5 weeks of treatment left.

Then about a week and a half ago, she fell and hurt herself on the same day our oldest son was in a wreck so bad that his truck was totaled. Someone ran a red light and smashed into him. Thankfully, our son was not injured. I picked him up that day and took him to get him looked at to be sure he was okay because he had a bruise on his belly. Then, about 30 minutes after I walked inside, the phone rang and mom had called about her back.

Thankfully, the only treatment she needs is a back brace. So, needless to say we are moving her and my stepdad closer to us within the next couple of weeks. He’s legally blind and can’t take care of her very well. We drive a good 15 miles to pick her up every weekday, 50+ minutes to treatment, and then home.

My stepdad needs a liver biopsy. That’s happening this week.

Then there’s my mom’s batshit crazy friend who literally lost her shit at her inability to no longer lie about my stepdad’s meds and condition (I am his emergency contact at the VA) and to their nurse since I am health POA. On April 2 in front of my stepdad, mom, husband, and nurse when I asked her to get out of mom’s face (she wasn’t wearing a mask and mom is getting chemo) and after I told her that my stepdad’s doctor has specifically told me he had NOT coded as she stated to mom (which scared the PISS out of my mom, understandably) she ran at me to attack me. My husband stepped between us and it was like watching her hit a brick wall. She tried a second time and had her hands in my face. I told her calmly she had 30 seconds to get her hands out of my face before I (a) broke her hands and (b) called the police. I did end up having to call the police to get her to leave to ensure my mother’s health. When you have chemo, you don’t need people in your face.

Our middle son is also going through some shit medically, but we are waiting to get answers there before jumping to any conclusions. He just started his dream job as a Chevy certified mechanic. In March when his medical adventure started, he had just left from getting his MRI after “meeting” one of my clients through Zoom, and someone pulled out from a parking lot and hit his car. Thankfully, he was not hurt…just body damage. The car that hit him was owned by a local business. Despite that driver being ticketed and the police report being taken, the business and their insurance company is denying the incident ever happened.

And did I mention that he’s on my policy so it’s my insurance company dealing with this?

Oh, and last year in 2020 I was diagnosed with RA. It primarily affects my knees. It’s flaring thanks to all the rain. My right knee looks like a ham shank in disguise.

Needless to say 2021 is looking 2020 look like a bit of a bitch. I need an ibuprofen.

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